"In my 19 years of playing in the NFL, Mike Hollis is one of the few coaches I have encountered that I trust. Mike has been extremely successful at every level, so when an NFL All-Pro talks, I listen. I have kicked with Mike Hollis, competed with Mike Hollis, and coached camps with Mike Hollis. Mike has a coach's eye. As a player, Mike's technique was flawless. As a coach, Mike's attention to detail is unparalleled in the industry. If you want to be great, to train like the pros, to control the mental game, to dial-in your technique, to max-out your potential, then Mike Hollis is your Coach." -John Carney-- One of the greatest kickers in the history of the NFL! John was a great mentor for Mike in 1994 during the San Diego Chargers pre-season...preparing Mike for a successful NFL career.

"Having the opportunity to have Mike as a teammate for an entire year was one of the best things that happened to me in my career. He was like having a personal coach on the sidelines for every practice and every game. He has the ability to see little things in technique and form that helped me go from just another punter, to an alternate for the Pro Bowl in 2002, to later being a two-time All Pro. I have no doubt that any punter or kicker who has the opportunity to work with Mike will benefit tremendously!" -Brian Moorman -- Two-Time All Pro Punter for the Buffalo Bills and teammate of Mike's at Buffalo in 2002. Brian is also a student in ProForm Kicking Academy during his off season!

"ProForm Kicking has taught me how to kick the right way. I knew that if I wanted to reach my full and untapped potential, I would have to become completely open to change. I saw the ball going higher, straighter, farther, with less effort and more control after just a few lessons. If your just starting out or an old dog looking to change, then look no further. It wasn't easy but I sacrificed what I knew and put faith in the form. Mike and Jim have added years to my career, with the form I'm confident enough that no one can compete. Do not rely on your own abilities rely in the lord, he will guide you in your life and your kicking. Be patient and enjoy your journey!"  -Nick Novak-- NFL kicker currently with the San Diego Chargers. Nick has also spent time with the Washington Redskins, Arizona Cardinals, and Kansas City Chiefs.

"Of all the kickers I have worked with during my 16 year NFL career, Mike Hollis stands out as one of the best. His work ethic, training routine, and knowledge about kicking made my job easier as his holder, and it helped him reach the Pro Bowl. -Bryan Barker -- Retired All Pro Punter and teammate of Mike's for 6 years with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Bryan took Mike under his wing from the first day in Jacksonville and has been a very big influence during Hollis' career.

"As a coach in the NFL, I would highly recommend the opportunity to work with Mike Hollis. He is a great teacher, communicator, and a perfectionist in the art of kicking. His experience and expertise make him a cut above the rest." -Coach Danny Smith -- Coach Smith is currently the special teams coach for the Washington Redskins and is one of the most admired individuals in the NFL, both as a person and as a coach! During his extensive coaching career, Danny has spent some time with the Buffalo Bills, Detroit Lions, Philadelphia Eagles and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, where he took home a National Championship ring in 1990!

"I really like what Mike is doing with his kicking academy. He has combined on-field training with video analysis and sports specific performance training. The combination of all 3 modalities will make ProForm Kicking Academy one of the unique and valuable kicking schools available. There are many camps and instructors out there, but few offer one-on-one personal instruction from a former NFL kicker. The instruction Alex has received from Mike has been superior in all aspects and I firmly believe this will propel him to the next level of performance at the collegiate level." -Dennis Wulfeck -- Father of PKA student Alex Wulfeck (Punter at Wake Forest University).

"My son Matt was a good high school kicker who, like so many others, never received solid kick coaching. I believe Mike has given him the solid fundamentals that he needs to be a successful kicker in college. Wish I had done it a year ago. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to prepare their son for collegiate athletics. He teaches not only the mechanics but also the proper workout routine for kick based results." -Scott Ellis -- Father of PKA student Matt Ellis.